Crady’s Cuisine with Baker Barbara


baker barbar

Conway, SC–Crady’s Eclectic Cuisine in historic, downtown Conway, South Carolina has closed its doors.

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Grandmomma’s Apron

On a silvered frame above a doorway at Crady’s Eclectic Cuisine on Main in Conway, is displayed an apron used by the first caterer I knew. Read more


“Mom,” he said,” if you’re going to open a coffee shop, you need to be on Main Street.” Read more

Ice Cream on Labor Day

In anticipation of Labor Day, I’m thinking of what is a favorite activity for the Whitley family – making ice cream in our vintage White Mountain person – powered churn. Read more

One of Her Kind

My story began about fifteen years ago on a hot day in August – dog days they call them. For me, it was the only chance I would ever have to go to my forever home.

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June and Wanda

She came along, our lone sister, the last of a necklace of siblings, strung out along a twenty-five year continuum.

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Sweet as June’s Sun

Making sugar cookies: The words alone evoke a salivary response to those of us in the world who are lovers of all things sweet. A favorite pastime for my two children and me would often be the making of shaped and decorated cookies.
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May Flowers

By Barbara Crady Whitley

Oh, those Southern ladies with their hats on Mother’s Day! Two pivotal women in my life were capable, as few are, of wearing their hats with grace and aplomb.
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April Is No Fool

I didn’t realize it until much later, but one of my first loves of becoming a cook and baker came from my Uncle Bill who had a diner in a little town in Missouri. He had opened it after a stint in the military where he learned his love of cooking.

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A Chicken March

Wind zooms around the corners of my home and sends my beautiful outdoor pillows scampering across the lawn. As I dash outside to reclaim them, I’m reminded that March often seems to be angry, much like its namesake.

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