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June and Wanda

She came along, our lone sister, the last of a necklace of siblings, strung out along a twenty-five year continuum.

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Sweet as June’s Sun

Making sugar cookies: The words alone evoke a salivary response to those of us in the world who are lovers of all things sweet. A favorite pastime for my two children and me would often be the making of shaped and decorated cookies.
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May Flowers

By Barbara Crady Whitley

Oh, those Southern ladies with their hats on Mother’s Day! Two pivotal women in my life were capable, as few are, of wearing their hats with grace and aplomb.
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April Is No Fool

I didn’t realize it until much later, but one of my first loves of becoming a cook and baker came from my Uncle Bill who had a diner in a little town in Missouri. He had opened it after a stint in the military where he learned his love of cooking.

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A Chicken March

Wind zooms around the corners of my home and sends my beautiful outdoor pillows scampering across the lawn. As I dash outside to reclaim them, I’m reminded that March often seems to be angry, much like its namesake.

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Fur Babies and Food

As I snuggle deeper into my warm blankie with Smudge, my favorite fur baby on my lap, the day outside is grey – not rainy, but with that certain gloom that seems designed to make me muse on this month traditionally devoted to the theme of love.

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In this bleakest of months with a gray drizzle outside, with the mellowness of Thanksgiving and the clamor of Christmas gone, my mood turns to the feathery softness of doughnuts. So I gather my ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, eggs, sugar, a bit of shortening, water, flavorings, and the most important – Heather, Adam, and Les, and always the memory of the most accomplished doughnut maker, Najgy, my mother.

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Colors of Christmas

By: Barbara Crady Whitley

Clear reds, fir and pine greens are the revered colors of Christmas. I like to add the luminous yellows of pineapple. They all await me in the form of candied red & green cherries and cubes of candied pineapple as I prepare to indulge in one of my favorite traditions: making Najgy’s fruitcake. Even though fruitcake generally is regarded with disdain, this is one you’ll want to enjoy.

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Leave Thanksgiving Dinner to Crady’s!

Take a break, enjoy Thanksgiving with your family & friends, and leave the cooking and baking to Crady’s! Choose from a complete meal or the a la carte items which include some of the tastiest treats around.

Note: Orders must be placed by Monday, Nov. 23 and picked up by 3:00 pm* on Wednesday, Nov. 25
*Special arrangements can be made for those picking up after 3:00 pm

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Givings of the Heart

Waking to the heady, enticing aroma of roasting meat is something I imagine even the cave-people of old delighted in.  Equally so is knowing that my mother often rose long before her family to begin the process of preparing the  turkey – placing it into a brine solution for several hours before actually beginning the roasting time period.  This step allowed her enough rich, fat-laden broth to make the cornbread dressing that we all enjoyed.

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